Temporary Storage Tanks

Semi-Permanent Installation –  Tanks must either be 2-hour fire rated (will carry a designation of UL-2085 and are double walled) or be internal to a liquid tight concrete vault.

Temporary/Construction Site Use – Must be located in a bermed containment area. In this case, the tank must be installed/located as follows:

  • The berm should be about 3 feet out in all directions from tanks.
  • The height of the berm must contain the maximum contents of the largest tank + 8 inches –this almost always equates to about a 10 inch tall berm.
  • First lay down 2 inches of sand, then water tight barrier (should be minimum 6 mil plastic or rubber), buildup 10-inch berm height with dirt or whatever, lap barrier over berm and weight down with more dirt, put 2 inches of sand in bottom over barrier.
  • Storage tanks must be 50 feet from nearest building and property lines.
  • It is best to use tanks on skids with pumps (pumps must be UL rated for fuels).
  • If using the “tower” or gravity feed type setup, the containment must be wide enough that if either tank falls to the side it will entirely land inside of containment. There must also be a fusible link at the valve that will shut off flow to hose in the event of a fire.

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