What are the risks involved with non-compliance?

Several entities are involved with compliance and enforcement. They include the EPA, State Regulators and Water Management Districts.

Failure to comply may bring about warnings, reminders and penalties. In fact, the EPA may apply penalties up to $37,500 per violation per day with potential for retroactive application.

Most penalties will not be that significant, however, that does not diminish the reality of non-compliance. Increasingly, companies are working through non-compliance issues that not only include the encumbrance of penalties but the cost of time and effort of internal and third parties.

Non-compliance may come in several forms. (i.e. failure to apply for permit, failure to comply with permit instructions, failure to conduct weekly inspections with reports, lack of BMPs, and improper use of BMP’s, etc.)
It is not uncommon for Alpha Environmental Management Corporation to speak to parties whom “feel no risk” or may be indifferent only to receive a call weeks later hearing of a non-compliance issue.

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