Why is a SWPPP needed?

SWPPPs are often required for permitting and the NOI (notice of intent). Many organizations have applied for permits without a SWPPP under the notion that the few paragraphs under the “Erosion Plan” on the construction plans will suffice. When signing the Notice of Intent (NOI), one is acknowledging creation of a SWPPP in States that require one. SWPPPs contains information on, among other items, vegetation, hazardous materials, endangered species, Best Management Practices (BMP), historical data, intended sequence of events, spill prevention program and wetlands. The SWPPP shall be amended whenever there is change in design, construction, operation or maintenance which has a significant effect on the potential for discharge of pollutants to surface waters of the state or a MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System). The SWPPPs are kept on the job site to be referenced and amended as needed by the storm water professional inspector associated with weekly inspections, classification changes, and rain events.

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